Apr 09, 2019

CRYPTO File Encryption software by Levicom is a simple and easy to use file encryption and decryption software. Encrypts and password protect your files with an AES encryption … Download Easy File Encryptor - MajorGeeks Easy File Encryptor is an extremely lightweight encryption tool that uses a strong AES 256 algorithm to render your files and folders unreadable. It works inside the Windows Explorer context menu enabling easy file encryption/decryption and since there is no UI Easy File Encryptor allows you to quickly perform the process on your files via a couple simple clicks. Writing a simple encryption program(AES) | by ARJ | Medium Apr 08, 2017

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PowerShell: A simple script to GPG encrypt files | Nick

Simple Encryption - Code.org Jun 14, 2017 Simple Encryption with VB.Net Simple Encryption with VB.Net The SimpleEncryption program works by scrambling the characters of a message so that the resulting encrypted version of the message cannot be read. Each printable character in the original message is represented by some other character that is randomly selected from the first 256 characters of the Unicode character encoding scheme (characters 0-127 form the Basic The Ultra-Simple App That Lets Anyone Encrypt Anything | WIRED